Finding My Voice


Smiling through the pain and holding on with all my might because my adorable cousin was going to make me vomit on this ride. As someone prone to motion sickness on a straight road, this is my nightmare.
Definitely not taking sides in the Katy v. Taylor feud (is that still happening?)–so, like. don’t read into this shirt. Okay?


I’m doing it. I’m really doing it this time.

A blog. Fashion–chock full deals and steals ($20 Joie tennies?). Lifestyle–adventures, escapades, and weekends at home. Plus all the tips and tricks that help me through my day to day; peppered with some wit, some awkward anecdotes that come up on a near daily basis (hello walking into a room full of CEOs in their choanies), and almost absolutely–a lot of of alliteration–it’s my thaaang.

I’ve created, designed, and named countless blogs for myself and left them all with reckless abandon. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the wastelands I’ve left around the internet;

  • — A cute name in theory, but then I found myself  hustling a job with no days off and not actually jetsetting–like not even to the next town over.
  • — Quite possibly one of my better ideas. “A California Lifestyle blog”–get the double entendre here? Blondes and barrels, like the hair color and the surfer lingo. AND– blondes and barrels like the ale and the vessel its fermented in.

Okay– so there are two examples of my overly focused and entirely uninspired past endeavors. While the names were clever and the purpose was pretty explicit, I found myself unmotivated to write on these topics alone. Why put yourself in a box?

So instead, I’ve followed the likes of Amerigo Vespucci named it after myself–because duh. It’s definitely not creative or fun and there are plenty of arguments against naming things after yourself, but my thought is–this blog will always evolve and change, but my name is something that will at least remain constant.

And it was unique enough that I could buy the domain, so I think I’m pretty committed to this–at least for the first year!


Outfit details: Hear Me Roar Shirt // Jeans–EBay (similar here, affordable here) // Sweatshirt // Tennis Shoes– TJ Maxx (similar here, affordable here–so many cute ones on Amazon!) // Sunglasses (similar here, cheaper here, affordable dupes here–I wish I knew about this brand before–these are great dupes and polarized!)  // feat. Hair Tie since I literally never take it off–these are my favs of my fine hair!

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